This error is caused when user is having trouble accessing some files. There are a couple of possible solutions:

Solution 1
  1. Hold down windows key on keyboard and tap letter E to bring up File Explorer
  2. Double click on C drive to display all folders underneath it
  3. Right click on Hy-Sport folder
  4. Left click on Properties
  5. Click on Security tab
  6. Select Users and click on Edit
  7. Check option for Full Control and click Apply
  8. Repeat for Authenticated Users if they are a listed option
User-added image
  1. Then repeat above process for the folder with database file.  Default location are
    1. SWMM7 - c:\swmeets8
    2. SWMM7 - c:\swmeets7
    3. SWTM8 - c:\TM5DAta
    4. TFMM6 - c:\tfmeets6
    5. TFTM4.2 - c:\TFTM3Data
Solution 2 - Software may have been installed under a different user
  1. Uninstall software
  2. Reboot computer
  3. Login as user who will be running software
  4. Reinstall software as that user
  • Note: User needs admin rights to install software, and may need to be temporarily given admin rights to do so. After installation is complete user rights can be changed back
Solution 3 - Install Demo
  1. See Download and Install MM Demo: Download and Install MM Demo
  • Note: This installs several report files that are then used in Meet Manager and Team Manager.  You do NOT have to use the demo for the reports.