1. Go to Events, then click Records
  2. On left side of screen highlight Edit Me tag and click Edit icon (partially open folder above it)
  3. Or click on Add icon to start new record tag
User-added image
  1. Order: order you wish record to appear on Meet Program and Results reports
  • Note: Only important if more than one record tag is used for meet 
  1. Enter Tag Name to name record (Edit Me will not work)
  • Example: Worlds, High School, Local, etc. 
  1. Enter Flag: single letter or character to flag times breaking record
  2. Record Only For: if record is only for specific team or LSC
  3. Whether Exhibition athletes or Foreigners can set this record

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  1. Click OK
  2. For each event enter Time, Year, Month, and Date record was set, Record Holder name, and Affiliation or team
  3. Click Updating Records in top bar to update records