1. In Meet Manager click on Events, then Standards
  2. Screen shown here is displayed
User-added image
  1. Click on Add icon to add a standard tab  
User-added image
  • Enter Tag Name
  • Optionally enter Tag Description
  • Click OK
  1. Click Edit icon to edit tag name or description
  2.  Click Delete icon to delete selected standard tab
  3.  Check Entry Qual box to use as entry qualifying time
    • Select Equal to or faster when entry time must be Equal to or faster than standard
    • Select Slower than when entry time must be Slower than standard
    • Check Entry Qual for 2 standards when qualifying time is range between them
    • Select New: Custom Entry Qualifying Times when some events are Faster than or equal to qualifying time and other events are Slower than
  4.  Check Scoring box for Divisions by Time Standard Meets to use for scoring