1. Select correct Meet
  2. Select applicable Filters
    1. Team
    2. Group
    3. Subgroup
    4. WM Group
    5. WM Subgroup
    6. School Year
    7. Gender
    8. Age
    9. Session/Division
    10. Event Filters
      1. Individual
      2. Relay
    11. Stroke/Distance Filters
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  1. Include Inactive if desired
  2. Select Label Type
  3. Awards up to Place
Example: 0 = ALL places, 10 = places 1 - 10
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  1. From Event     To Event sets event range you want labels for
  2. Participation Award labels give you several options
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  1. Include Exhibition (swimmers whose entry had the Exhibition box checked)
  2. Include DQs
  3. One Label per Event or
  4. One Label per Swimmer
  5. Labels for All Swimmers
  6. Or Swimmers who did NOT receive a Place award (using the places you defined in Awards up to Place)
  7. Or Swimmers who did NOT receive a Place or Improvement Award
  8. Sort by Meet Event Number or Name
  1. Standards
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  1. Select Standard you previously entered in Team Manager
  2. You can choose Include Time Standards
  3. If Include Time Standards is select you can select Include Only Improved STD. Team Manager will then include only those results in which the Swimmer improved from one Time STD to the next one - for example from B to A.  Swimmers who achieved a Time Standard for the first time will also be included
  1. Click Points and select a special point system.  These points will be displayed next to each result time
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