1. Select appropriate filters
    1. Meet - select specific meet
    2. Team
    3. Group
    4. Subgroup
    5. WM Group
    6. School Year
    7. Gen - Gender
    8. Age
    9. Sess/Div - Session or Division
    10. Stroke
    11. Distance
    12. First Time Swims
    13. Minimum Improvement - specify minimum improvement value for calculating improvement
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  1. Prelim-Finals Filter - select option for rounds to be included
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  1. Label Types - select appropriate option
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  1. Restrict Improvement to Meet Type - select type if desired
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  1. Improvement options
    1. Since date for Improvements
    2. Use Since date for Improvements - to use selected date
    3. Use Converted Times for Calculating Improvement
    4. Show Improvement as Percent
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  1. Click Standards
    1. Select Standard to be used
    2. Include Time Standards - TM will tag each result with appropriate Time Standard designator
    3. Include Only Improved STD
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  1. Click Points and choose one of special point systems.  These points will be displayed next to each time
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  1. Report can be sorted by Meet Event Number or Name
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