If registrants are required to commit to volunteer points but will be unable (or unwilling) to fulfill the commitment, an option is to allow them to buyout their volunteer point commitment for a fee. The buyout can be purchased through the registration process. The families that selected the buyout option can then be viewed within the Add-on products report. If a Volunteer buyout is purchased, the Volunteer point commitment for the registrant is shown as 0 in the Volunteer points report.

Below are instructions to configure a volunteer buyout option after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on a Program or click Manage program (under the Actions column)
  2. Click on Prices and billing under Registration setup (in the dark grey sidebar on the right)
  3. Check the Offer volunteer buyout box within the Volunteer buyout section, then enter the fee amount
  • Note: The Volunteer buyout section only displays if volunteering was associated to the program
  1. Assign GL code
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    5. Click Save