Below are instructions to add a new volunteer using Volunteer Management after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From the Homepage, click on the VOLUNTEERS tab
  2. Click on an Event Name (representing a Meet/Event)
  3. Click on the Volunteers tab
  4. Click the Add a volunteer button
  • Note: The Volunteer Management customer user interface opens into a new window - the default selection is all jobs, so a job must be selected under step 5
  • Note: If the screen is not visible, check for blocked pop-ups within the browser (always allow pop-ups from
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  1. Check the box(es) for the job to register a volunteer for, click Register Now
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  1. Within the Select Registrant section, select one of the following options under Register a new volunteer, but don't add them to my account
    1. Someone else, 18 or older
    2. Someone else under 18
  • Note: It is recommended to exclude the new volunteer from the organizers so that the volunteer earns volunteer points
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  1. Enter the volunteer's email address to search the system for an existing account, click Find Account
    1. ​If an account already exists and is found, the screen refreshes displaying the Participant Information section
    2. If the user is new or the email address does not exist yet, a message appears stating that the account cannot be found
      1. Click Continue without account to proceed to register a new volunteer (the screen will refresh and display the Participant Information section)
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  1. Complete Participant Information, click Review
  2. On the Review & Submit screen, review the volunteer's information and selected jobs
    • Note: It is possible to add another volunteer to register, edit registration information, delete selected jobs, and add more jobs to the current volunteer from this screen
  3. Click Confirm and Submit
  4. A confirmation message appears showing the volunteer's registration information, click Go to Volunteer List to return to Swim Manager
  • Note: This action bring the organizer into Swim Manager within the pop-up window - an alternative option is to simply close the window
  • Note: If Add a Volunteer button does not work, see this article for instructions: Add a Volunteer Button Does Not Work