Volunteer events can be created either as a volunteer event for an existing swim meet or an independent volunteer event. Below are instructions to create a new volunteer event using Volunteer Management after logging into Swim Manager.
Event Type: Meet
  1. Click Volunteers
  2. Click Create new event
  3. Select Meet
  4. Next to Meet field, click Upload a meet file
    1. Within the dialog box that appears, choose/select the file that was extracted from Meet Manager - there are two options:
      1. A zipped Meet Events file that was exported from Meet Manager
      2. The unzipped .ev3 file that is inside that zipped Meet Events file
    2. Click Save
  5. Select Program from the drop-down
  • Note: Select program to track volunteer points
  1. Click Save
  • Note: If a meet event file was uploaded in process of creating a volunteer event (Event Type: Meet), meet will be listed under Your meets. Meet details, eligibility requirements, and meet schedule can be viewed by clicking on meet name
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Event Type: Event
  1. Click on Volunteers tab
  2. Click Create new event
  3. Select Event
  4. Enter Event Name
  5. Enter Dates
  6. Select Program from the drop-down
  • Note: Select program to track volunteer points
  1. Click Save
On the subsequent screen, proceed to Create Volunteer Jobs, Setup Volunteer Registration, and Add Volunteers.