1. Email recipients filter can be used in
    1. Communications, Create an email or under existing Scheduled and draft emails
    2. Volunteers, click on Volunteer Event, then on Volunteers tab, then on Email reminder
    3. Attendance tab, click on Session schedule, Calendar view, Day tab, Email link
  2. After adding recipients, click on email recipient list or View all to view all lists
    1. All contacts
    2. Primary Contacts
    3. Swimmers 
    4. Past Due
    5. Balance Owed
    6. Custom filter for participants
    7. Select from saved lists
    8. Import CSV
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  • Note: Unchecked box for anyone on list you do not want email to go to
  1. Click Close when finished
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  • Note: If agency administrators or coaches exclude specific recipients from a recipient filter group, then the number of excluded recipients is displayed under the recipient filter group box
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  • Note: When creating or editing an email with multiple recipients (different names) with the same email address in one or more email filter groups, then only a single copy of the email is sent to the email address