In order to import email contacts, you must first create a CSV file (Creating a CSV File for Custom List Import). The only data that will be pulled from Excel will be the email address. Any other information will not be pulled. 
  1. From the Organization Dashboard (Home tab), click on the Email tab 
  2. Click Create an email to create a new message (this step is required in order to import email records)
  3. Within the Create email screen, click the Add button by the To field
  4. Click Import CSV
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  1. Click on Choose file and select file you created
  2. Find and select CSV file
    • Note: Maximum file size is 10MB.
  3. If this is a New List, select Create a new list and enter a name for this list 
  4. If adding addresses to an already created list, select: Add to an existing list 
  5. Click Next
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  1. Verify the number of valid emails, click Import 
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  1. Follow the steps in Send Emails to email receipients in this list 
  • Notes:
    1. Clicking Cancel on the Create email screen simply means the message in question has been cancelled - the imported list will still be accessible when creating an email in the future 
    2. If the CSV file contained a recipient’s non-primary email (instead of his/her existing primary email in the system), the email is also sent to non-primary email addresses in the imported CSV file 
    3. Email addresses that are imported from a CSV file also have the unsubscribe link in the sent emails. Once recipients click the unsubscribe link, they will no longer receive any emails