When meet entry declarations are reviewed and finalized, you can create a meet entry file to be sent to Meet Host. Meet Entry file you create is a zip file containing a HY3 file.
  • Note: Meet meet entry files can only be created after team entry or OME closing date.
  • Note: You cannot create meet entry file once Meet Status is "In progress" or "Meet completed".
Below are the instructions to create Meet Entry File after Login to Swim Manager:
  1. Find your desired meet under Your meets
  2. Click Action icon > Select Create meet entry file 
  • ​Note: If OME meet method Meet Attendance is used, you must place swimmers into meet events first. Instructions are as follows:
a. Click Entry by name
b. Click Swimmer Name
c. Check Event Name
d. Click Save
e. Proceed to Step 2
  • Note: If OME meet method Event Declaration is used, you must approve swimmers meet entries first. Instructions as follows:
a. Click Entry by name
b. Click Approve or Approve All
c. Proceed to Step 2 
  • Note: Entries made by a coach or administrator in Swim Manager do not need approval. Approval is only necessary for entries made by a parent or swimmer in their swim portal
  1. Click Create to begin downloading
  • Note: Once Meet Entry File is created, email notifications are sent to swimmers to inform that entries have been declared for the Meet and they can review their entries in Swim Portal.