Emails can be created as drafts to be used later, sent immediately, or even scheduled to be sent at a future date and time. Tags are also available for easy tracking. Below are instructions to create a new email to send to past or current participants after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. On Organization Dashboard (Home), go to Communication tab
  2. Click Create an email button 
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  1. ​​Enter Subject 
  2. Enter Sender name 
    • Note: Sender name is pre-filled with Organization Name found within Account > Organization > Main contact
    • NoteFrom address is no longer editable as it uses fixed From email address to ensure emails are not bounced from the main service provider
  3. Select Recipients by clicking Add drop-down menu to select from the following filters or manually type in email addresses  
  4. (Optional) Edit Reply to email address
    • Note: Reply to email address field is pre-filled with the agency’s primary contact email address
    • Note: If no contact address is available, then this field is pre-filled with the same email address as in the From field
  5. (Optional) Remove undesired recipients using Email Recipients Filter 
  6. Enter Description
    • Note: Description is for internal use only and is not visible to email recipients ​​​​​​​
  7. Click Continue 
  8. Select an existing email template or design your email from scratch  
  9. Click Continue to preview 
  10. (Optional) To edit email after preview, click Back 
  11. (Optional) To save this email as a draft and edit it later, click Save as draft 
  12. (Optional) To send the email directly, under Schedule Delivery, select Now > Send to send out email immediately 
  13. (Optional) To schedule email to be sent automatically on a future date and time, select Later and enter the desired time and click Send when scheduled 
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