Below are the steps on how to view and track the Online Meet Entries (OME) Attendance of the invited Athletes after logging into Swim Manager.
  1. From Organization Dashboard (Home Tab), click Action icon next to a Meet within Your meets section
  2. Select Attendance Status
  3. Use filters as needed
  • Note: Training group will display the multi-location programs in the Program Name- Location Description format
User-added image
  1. Click Send email to send email reminder
  • Note: Email recipients are pre-entered from the filters on the status report
  • Note: For underage athletes, emails will be sent to their primary parents’ email addresses
  1. (Optional) Click Print
  • Notes:
    1. Coaches can change the attendance status of invited swimmers before the team entry deadline
    2. Attendance status changes in Swim Manager during the team entry period are synced and displayed in the Portal of the invited swimmer, and vice versa
    3. Attendance status changes in Swim Manager prior to the team entry start date are not displayed in the Portal until after the team entry start date