Below are instructions to Add Sessions to Lesson programs or Clinic programs after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through program details within the program setup process.
  • Note: Sessions allow administrators to divide lessons or clinics by specific criteria for registration purposes, primarily for multiple time slots
  • Note: At least one session is required
  1. Enter Name
  2. (Optional) Enter Description
  • Note: 255 characters maximum
  1. Enter Capacity
  • Note: If timeslots are created on step 7 of this process, the capacity entered here will be moved into the timeslot capacity
  1. Check the box to optionally allow waitlist registrations
  • Note: If this box is checked, a new link appears allowing the administrator to customize the waiting policy
  1. Enter Age range (youngest to oldest age as of a certain date)
  2. Select Gender
  3. Click Edit timeslots to create timeslot options for the session
    1. Enter Timeslot name
    2. (Optional) Enter Time
    3. (Optional) Enter Capacity 
    4. (Optional) Check the box to allow waitlist registrations
    5. (Optional) Click Add session timeslot to create additional options
  4. Click Save & continue
  • Note: This action saves the edits made to the existing sessions
  1. Click Save & continue to proceed to prices and billing