Below are some FAQ's related to the TennisLink Login/System Migration. Please make sure to review the following before reaching out to our support teams!

Note: For help logging in, password resets, retrieval of USTA #/email please contact USTA Customer Care by going here
  • Why is the USTA upgrading their system? Why is USTA changing their login to use email instead of USTA number?
The USTA is invested in improving the experience of their customers across all digital properties. This transformation will be a staged approach, beginning with an update to the membership system which will impact customer login on several of our web sites. This will require every individual over 13 years old to have an account with a unique email. This work will first and foremost provide greater security for our customers. In addition, this work will create a better, easier to manage experience across USTA properties. This is a fundamental step for all the work moving forward and will make it easier to create and manage more personalized, improved websites, apps and digital tools. The utilization of email address to login to an online system is an industry standard for online system access and is more secure. This is not only a more secure approach to managing customer accounts, but will allow for a better overall experience across key current website and future website, app and digital tool enhancements
  • I don't know the email address associated with my USTA account. What should I do?
  • We are husband and wife who share one email address and have a USTA Family Membership, can we still share our email?
While we understand this may be an inconvenience, there are no exceptions to the requirements for unique email address for each account. This will make it easier to manage information and accounts specific to an individual. You may keep the email address associated with one of the accounts but will need to create additional email accounts assigned to the other account. To update this information go to Update Membership Information
  • Why can't my child under 13 login anymore?
Federal regulations prohibit online activity for consumers of certain ages and the USTA respects the safety of customer data. For more information on the regulations please visit FTC's Complying with COPPA FAQ's. To register your child, please create an account for yourself, then create your child's account from within your profile. To link the accounts, please follow the steps in Link Child Account on If you need any further assistance please contact USTA Customer Care
  • What if my child is over 13 and wants to manage their own account?
If they do not already have an account, they can create one by going to USTA Account Creation
  • I cannot login anymore. I am getting an error message. My children and I have separate accounts. What do I do?
Linking parent and child accounts can be completed by going to Link Child Account on If further assistance is required, please contact USTA Customer Care 
  • Why can't I login to TennisLink using my Organization (Club) account?
Each tournament organization can have assigned administrators in the USTA membership system. This administrator will be able to access all the tournaments of the Member Organization as was previously done in TennisLink. Multiple administrators can also be added to an organization. All organization administrators will have the same access rights and can be added by filling out the organization admin linking form. If you need additional help please contact USTA Customer Care or email Once added as an administrator, please follow the steps in the Tournament Organization Access article to access the organization account on TennisLink
  • I tried to login to TennisLink with my email, but am getting an error that there are multiple accounts linked to my email address. Why am I getting this message?
TennisLink is presenting this error message because there are other USTA accounts in the USTA system associated with your email address. If you are not sure which accounts may be associated to your email or do not have access to those accounts, please contact Linkteam at Please make sure to provide your USTA #'s and email address
  • I am trying to use Facebook to login, why isn't it working?
The email address associated with your Facebook account has to be the same as the email address associated with your USTA Account. As long as those two accounts are an email, Facebook login should work and will allow access to the appropriate features in TennisLink. If Facebook login is still not working, please contact Linkteam at and provide us with your USTA # and email