Below are the most frequently asked questions related to the Safe Play background screening process. Please be sure to review the following before reaching out to our support teams!
  • I am a coach/captain who needs to go through the Safe Play process for Junior Team Tennis, where should I go to start?
All Safe Play providers and USTA Junior Team Tennis volunteers and coordinators must navigate to and click “Get Safe Play Approved” to begin the registration process. This module includes all Safe Play components. Step by step instructions are shown here. If you have questions regarding Safe Play please go to JTT and Officials SafeSport Training or email
  • How do I check the status of my NCSI Background Screen?
To check the status of your screening or to obtain your NCSI applicant ID, please go to NCSI Registrant Status Check. If you have questions regarding your background screening please contact NCSI at or (866) 833-7100​​
  • I have started the Safe Play process but still can't access my teams that I am a captain for on TennisLink. What else do I have to do to access my teams? 
You can check your Safe Play status by logging into My Tennis page on TennisLink and click the My Account link. Under Safe Play Process, you will see all the information for Safe Play and any steps that might be missing. Click the link on the page or head over to Safe Play to complete your Safe Play process
  • 1 of the 3 aspects of Safe Play has expired. What do I do to renew?
When trying to access TennisLink you will be prompted to let you know that your Safe Play Compliance is about to expire. Please click the link to renew your eligibility. You can also go to My Tennis page on TennisLink and click the Manage Account link > Safe Play Process tab to check your Safe Play eligibility status
  • My legal name that I used on the NCSI website differs from the name I have used to create my Safe Play/TennisLink Member account. What do I do?
This should not impact your ability to access or link your accounts. If you run into any issues during the Safe Play process or unable to login and access TennisLink please email and and provide us with your USTA/Team Tennis Account number(s) and your 16 digit NCSI applicant ID
  • If I am Safe Play compliant when I go to register a team but my Safe Play compliance expires midway through the season, will I be prevented from registering that team?
No, however a coach/captain's background check must be valid throughout the entire program season. The background check has to be renewed every 2 years. As for the components of Safe Play, the legal agreement and course need to be reviewed and refreshed yearly. It is the coach's responsibility to maintain compliance at all times. If a component is about to expire you will be sent a notification to go in and complete the requirements
  • Is it just the background screen that needs to be up to date for the full season or is it full Safe Play compliance (training, policy acknowledgement and background screen)?
Background checks expire every 2 years and Safe Play compliance has to be renewed every year. All parts of SP including the background check has to be completed. If a portion of it expires during the season you will get notified ahead of time and will need to renew/retest in order to stay in compliance