If parents, volunteers, coach/captains ask how they can be added as co-captain to their team, we direct them to their program coordinator who is able to do this within the team settings. As a program coordinator, follow the steps below to add a coach as the team's co-captain.

Note: These steps are assuming that the coach has already been given a green light and has passed their Safe Play requirements. If an error occurs, refer to Unable to Add Coach or Captain to Team to get this resolved
  1. Login to Team Tennis Homepage
  2. Under My Options click PROGRAMS
  3. Search for Program using drop down menus
  4. Click GO
  5. Under Type, click JR to go into Program
  6. Under Flight Name, click name of flight
Program - Flight Area
  1. Under Team Number click team number
Flight Page - Teams Area
  1. In Co-Captain box, input USTA or Team Tennis ID number
Team Setting
  1. Click GET
  2. Click SAVE