To get started using the New Team Management tool, you can go ahead and review the attached New USTA League Team Management Tool - Quick Tips - a one-page 'cheat sheet' of how to navigate through the new team management tool!

You can also view the full New Team Management instructions by following the link below to access USTA's User Guide:
Note: The old team management tool will still be available until early 2024. You can no longer create a match lineup using the old team management tool. All updates/changes to your team should be made using the new team management tool.

TennisLink - New Team Management Tool - FAQ

  1. What is the New Team Management Tool?
    Built with our wonderful League Captains and our very active players in mind, the New Team Management Tool will help Captains/Co-captains communicate and plan their lineups more effectively with their teams.
    A few key features are highlighted below:
    Captains can email/text team members requesting their availability.
    Team members can share their availability using the tool from their mobile phone browser/desktop.
    Captains can view preferences that the player set up.
    Captains can create/edit lineups based on team’s availability, and then publish lineups.
    Players confirm their availability from the email or text sent from the Captain.
    Captains can also assign items to bring to the match.
    Players can look up match locations/get directions.
    Most importantly - Captains can enter scores!
  2. How is it different from the current Team Management System?
    We interviewed several captains to understand the challenges they face with the current system and have built the new tool to address the gaps identified.
  3. Are there any training videos/help articles on the new tool?
    Sure! Here’s a full repository of help documents to pore over at your leisure.
  4. Can I continue using the old system?
    Yes, you can until the EOY 2023.
    After January 1, 2024, everyone will need to switch to the new tool.
    New lineups cannot be created in the old system.
  5. I am using the current team management tool in TennisLink. If I switch to the new tool will my lineups/teams port over to the new system?
    Unfortunately the answer is no.
    Give the new tool a test drive! We are happy to support you during the pilot period of October through December 2023.
    Reach out to with any questions you have.
  6. How does this compare to the paid for tools available on the app stores?
    You tell us! We took feedback from real life league captains and have spent over 2 years to build a tool that we hope will address all our captains and teams needs.
Take a test drive. Here’s a feedback form, if you would like to provide us with additional details on your user experience.