Use Mass Assign to automatically assign players to teams based on selected criteria. Team Builder assumes that one combination of Age Group, Division and Season will be worked on at a time. For example, the Fall Season for the Recreational Division of U07 Boys.

Below are instructions to mass assign players after logging into LeagueOne.
  1. Go to TEAMS > Team Builder
  2. Select an Age Group
  3. Select a Division
  4. Select a Season
  5. Select Mass Assign under Action
  6. Click Go
  7. Within the drop-down, select a mass assign function
a. Select Assign Prior Team Requests to assign players that have requested to play on the same team as last season - click here to learn about prior teams
i. Optionally check the box to run this mass assign function for All Divisions and Age Groups
ii. Team Size for Auto Assign does not apply to the prior team option
b. Select Auto Assign Players to use an algorithm to balance teams and limit team size to the value specified at run time
i. The All Divisions and Age Groups option does not apply to the auto-assign option
ii. Optionally establish Team Size
  1. Click Process
  • Note: A message appears stating that extensive validations take place, so this process can take time if many players are being assigned

Below are details of the algorithm:
  • Players are assigned in the order that they registered
  • A Player is assigned to the team with the fewest number of players with the same PlayAge and Gender
    • Note: If several teams have the same number of players in that PlayAge and Gender, the player is assigned to the team that was created first

Below is an example scenario:
  • A club has a Coed Age Group with multiple ages (i.e. U07G and U08G and U07B and U08B all together)
    • Note: Since coed age groups are always boys age groups, you would form teams in U08B
  • Note: You could use the Configure Merged Age Groups feature (Admin > CONFIGURE SETTINGS > Configure Merged Age Groups) to show all of these age groups under U08B
  1. Create teams under U08B
  2. Assign returning players to teams (if you choose to)
  3. Assign coaches children to teams (if you choose to)
  4. Run Auto Assign for U08B to assign the remaining players to teams -- the result will be a balance of:
a. U07G across teams
b. U08G across teams
c. U07B across teams
d. U08B across teams