1. Go to Meets
  2. Highlight specific meet
  3. On upper left side Result Events should be selected, if not select it
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  1. If result events are present skip to step 5, otherwise use one of these options
    1. Click on Entry Events and then click on Result Events - if you have Entry Events you will be asked if you want to copy them for use with Results.  Click on Yes
    2. Click on Copy Events and copy Results Events from another meet
    3. Click on Add and add needed Results Events
    4. After events are added using one of above close out of Events
  2. In top bar of Meet Browser click on Results
  3. Select Results by Name to select an athlete, enter all results for that athlete, then select another athlete and repeat
  4. Select Results by Event to select an event, enter results for all athletes who competed in that event, then select another event and repeat. Relay results can only be entered in Results by Event
  5. In Final Time column results can be entered as 12345 or 1:23.45
  6. You can enter NS for No Show or DQ for Disqualified
  7. Specify the entry as Exhibition by entering an x as a prefix to the time - x1:23.45
  8. Click on box in DQ column and you can also enter swimmer's time if desired
  9. Optionally enter place and points in appropriate columns
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