Below are instructions to view or edit form questions after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through discounts and fees within the program setup process.

Note: The default questions included cover the information that most teams need to capture
  1. Click Edit form
  2. Use the pencil icon (pencil-edit) to edit existing questions, x icon (x-delete) to delete existing questions, or expand the sections of the library on the left-hand navigation to add new questions
  3. Apply edits to the registration form for the following sections:
    1. Primary parent/guardian (required)
    2. Secondary parent/guardian (optional)
    3. Secondary contact (optional)
    4. Athlete (required)
    5. Team directory (optional)
  • Note: Required sections cannot be deleted, but certain questions can be edited and/or deleted
  • Note: Optional sections can be deleted entirely, or the questions edited or deleted
  • Note: Once a question has been deleted, all past registrations will lose any reference to the question unless the question is re-added with the same spelling
  1. Click OK
  2. Confirm that the changes appear correctly, then click Save & continue to proceed to additional purchases