Registration Report can be filtered by Program Location. Below are instructions to export Registrations Report which contains all form questions responses after logging into Swim Manager.

1. Click Reports tab
2. Click All within Registrations box
3. (Optional) Select filters, or leave as default All
  1. Program
  2. Location
  • Note: The Location drop-down will not appear unless a Program is selected
User-added image
  1. Group
  • Note: The Group drop-down does not appear unless a Location is selected
  1. Status
i. Unpaid
ii. Paid
iii. Processing
iv. Partial payment
v. Payment failed
vi. Error
  1. Date
4. (Optional) Click Apply
  • Note: System registration report with limited columns will be displayed
5. Click Export icon at top right
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  • Note: Registration report containing all form question responses will be exported into a csv. file including BCSSA status if athlete registered as an "S" or "O" swimmer