To print a blank score card from your computer, please go to Print Blank Score Card. If you are on your mobile device and want to print a league match score card, please follow the steps below. Please make sure to click Full Site before proceeding. 

Note: You will need to make sure your device is connected to a printer or is discoverable in order to print
  1. Navigate to TennisLink Homepage
  2. scroll down to bottom of page, click Full Site link
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  1. click red LOGIN button
  2. enter Email Address and Password
  3. click LOGIN button
  4. click grey USTA LEAGUE tab
  5. under Need to enter or confirm scores?, click ENTER SCORES
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  1. enter Match #
  2. click Next
  3. click Print Blank Score Card 
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  1. scorecard will open in new tab
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  1. send to printer to print
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