As of July 2021, Tennislink now allows Section League Coordinators to reset league match scorecards that have been entered incorrectly. All scorecard reset requests should go directly to your Section League Coordinator for review. If you are an SLC please follow the steps below to reset the scorecard:

NOTE: For Junior Team Tennis scorecard resets, please go here
  1. Login to Tennislink League Homepage with email/password
  2. Under Stats and Standings, locate the score entry area
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  1. Under Need to enter or confirm scores?, click ENTER SCORES button
  2. Input Match #
  3. Click Next button
  4. Review scorecard 
  5. Scroll to bottom of page
  6. Click Next button 
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  1. On Enter Scores page, click Reset Score button
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  1. Click OK to confirm score has been reset