Currently there is no NTRP Rating Validation for Leagues that are configured with a League Type set to Adult Other
  • Note: Even if NTRP Rating Required for Registration is set to Yes, the system will only check that the player has a NTRP Rating but will not validate that it falls between the Max Player NTRP Rating Level and the Min Player NTRP Rating Level
  • Note: Adult Divisions* below will require players to have a S or C rating in order to register
The system will only validate NTRP rating levels for the following League Type:
  • Adult 18&Over*
  • Adult 40&Over*
  • Adult 55&Over*
  • Adult 65&Over*
  • Adult 70&Over*
Note: Mixed (excluding Mixed Other) & Combo leagues validate NTRP ratings only if the box is checked, "Combined Rating for Doubles". 
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: The rating for Adult Other/ Mixed/Tri Level/Combo Leagues are not validated. This is only for the case where the rating is lower than the Flight Rating. It is validated if the rating is higher. For example, a 4.0 player attempting to register for a 3.5 other league league will receive an error that they cannot register. 
Note: Flexible Format leagues do NOT validate NTRP ratings.