If a Program Coordinator is asked to move a player to another team, follow the steps below to move the player(s) to another team within the same program:
  1. Login to Team Tennis Homepage
  2. Under My Options click PROGRAMS
  3. Search for Program using drop down menus
  4. Click GO
  5. Click JR under Type to go into Program
  6. Under Administration click MOVE PLAYERS
Move Players Page
  • Note: Once you are on this page, you will want to find the team roster where the player is currently registered to as well as the destination team roster
  1. In left column, select Division, Flight and Team to pull up original team roster
  2. In right column, select Division, Flight and Team to pull up destination team roster
  3. Click --> to move player to new team
  • Note: If the player move is not between teams within the same program, please email LinkTeam with the following information to resolve this:
    • First Name and Last Name of player
    • USTA or Team Tennis ID of player
    • Original team number
    • Destination team number