If you receive the following error message when trying to change league dates in the Leagues application, please try the following workaround to resolve your issue.

User-added image
  1. Click on a previous League Championship Year
  • Note: For example, League Championship Year 2024. Do not do anything in this championship year, just click on it in the league tree
  1. Navigate back to the current 2023 Championship Year
  2. Edit the league dates again
  • Note: Going back and forth between championship years should help remove the dates out of range error message. If you are still having trouble after following this workaround, email LinkTeam Support with your league detail locations along with the league dates you are having trouble entering so we can assist you further
If the above option does not work, follow the steps below as an alternate option:
  1. Navigate to the league in which you wish to update the dates (Ex. 2023 league needing 2024 end dates)
  2. Open a separate tab (window) on your web browser
  3. Navigate to the 2024 championship year (do not click or change anything in the 2024 championship year)
  4. Go to the tab with the (2023) league in which you wish to update the league dates
  5. Update the dates 
  6. Submit