Below are instructions to update the default registration questions for the organization after logging into LeagueOne. These questions may be adjusted slightly or displayed/hidden on each individual program.
  1. View the Organization tab within Online Registration Setup
  2. Click Registration
  3. Click Default Questions
  4. Click New to create a new question
a. Enter Name (appears internally)
b. Enter Question (appears on the registration form)
c. Click Add Option (optional) to include a list of answers to the question
  • Note: Do not include options if you plan to include a text box or open-ended question
  • Note: Options are required if you plan to include a radio button or drop-down question on the registration form
  • EXAMPLE: Add Yes and No options that parents select when registering online
d. Click Save
  1. Highlight an existing question and click Edit to make adjustments
  2. Highlight an existing question and click Delete to remove the question from the default list
  1. Click Save and Continue to proceed to Volunteer Jobs