The Volunteer Setup screen allows organizers to prompt parents and guardians to sign up for volunteer positions established by the organization. Volunteer options may be configured as optional, required, as well as a buyout option. Below are instructions to manage the volunteer setup for a program, found within the process of creating or editing programs after logging into LeagueOne and proceeding through registration questions.

1. Go to Programs Tab > Select Online Registration Set up
2. In the Programs tab 
3. Highlight the Program name and click Edit
4. Under Registration Set up select Volunteers Set up 
5. Check Ask registrant to volunteer for positions? box to prompt parents/guardians to volunteer
6. Check Require registrant to volunteer for positions? box to set volunteering as required
7. Check the Display Additional Volunteer information or help message? box to include additional details, then enter content into the rich text WYSIWYG editor
  • Note: Many clubs include a link to the volunteering policy on the organization website here
8. Check the Display volunteer reminder text box to include a reminder about volunteering, then enter content into the rich text WYSIWYG editor
9. Check the boxes to select the volunteer positions to offer at registration:
a. Show Coach Position
b. Show Assistant Coach Position
c. Show Team Manager Position
d. Other Positions: This option includes all active positions configured within the organization's volunteer jobs
10. Expand Advanced Features to display buyout options:
a. Check the Offer Volunteer Buyout box to enable the buyout option
b. Enter Buyout amount
c. Enter optional Volunteer buyout text
11. Click Save and Continue to proceed to uniform manager