Payment plan schedules are used to create one or more installments to break up the cost of registration - this allows families to pay a portion of the fee up front, and subsequent installment payments later. Below are instructions to create, edit, or delete payment plans for a program, found within the process of Create a Program or Edit Program after logging into LeagueOne and proceeding through Discounts and Fees.
  1. Go to Programs> select Online Registration Set up.
  2. Under the Programs Tab highlight the name of the Program and click Edit/ Create a new program.
  3. Go to Discounts and Fees
  4. Click New to create new payment plan schedule - Create Payment Plan
  5. Highlight existing payment plan schedule, click Edit to make adjustments
  6. Highlight existing payment plan schedule, click Remove to delete the plan
  7. Click Save and Continue to proceed to Update What to Expect Next Message
  • Note: If installment dates have passed, registrants are charged initial payment amount and each completed installment at time of payment
  • Note: Each payment plan in a particular session must have a unique name