Use the What to Expect Next message to include details about the upcoming season - this is an excellent method to provide details to families before they need to contact your club. As an example, many clubs include a link to the club website do that families can more easily read about next steps, contact organizers/registrar, etc. Below are instructions to update the final message to registrants, found within the process of creating or editing programs after logging into LeagueOne and proceeding through payment plans.

1. Go to Programs Tab > Select Online Registration Set up

2. Highlight the program and click Edit 

3. Under Program Set up select What to Expect Next 

4. Enter content into the rich text WYSIWYG editor
  • Note: Basic font characteristics such as bold, italics, and underline are permitted - as well as certain font colors and font styles
5. Click Preview to view what the program will look like to registrants
  • Note: Once previewing the program, click on the Receipt tab to view the What to Expect Next message
6. Click Save and Continue to proceed to registration questions