Use Player Find (Maintain Player Information) to search for a player and access his/her Player Maintenance record - this is primarily used when organizers need to make updates to a player and/or family members. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return the first 250 players listed alphabetically.

Below are instructions to search for, view, and maintain player information after logging into LeagueOne.

2. Use available fields to locate player
a. Last Name
b. First Name
c. Member Id
d. OrgID (the default is the current organization ID)
  • Note: To perform partial search, enter alphanumeric characters followed by wildcard (percentage symbol) -- % --
  • EXAMPLE: Searching first name of mi% returns players with first name starting with "mi" (Michael, Michelle, Mike, etc.)
3. Click Find
4. Click player Last Name to view Person Maintenance record
  • Note: Parents/staff (adults) appearing within list of players entered a Date of Birth (DOB) on their accounts by clicking Register
  • Note: Adults cannot register for player programs, do not appear in reports, and cannot be assigned to teams (as players)
  • Note: Ages under Play Age column are calculated using Age Up Date on back end and may not coincide with your league's play age
  • Note: Players showing on this page currently have an account within LeagueOne, but are not necessarily registered for any programs
  • Note: If you wish to see an accurate list of who is registered, run a Registration Report
Below are additional details about Player Find (Maintain Player Information) screen:
- This screen displays all users identified as players within LeagueOne - this may include youth athletes and adult athletes
- Simply because users are returned via a search does not mean that these players have completed registrations