Below are two options to login to a Site Builder website. Site Builder integrates into LeagueOne using Single Sign-On (SSO) technology, so one account may be used to access both systems.

Login to Site Builder from LeagueOne (preferred)
1. Login to LeagueOne
2. Go to Website > Edit Website
  • Note: If Set up Website displays instead of View Website, then a Site Builder site was not setup yet
  • Note: Clicking View Website opens Site Builder into new tab/window
Login to Site Builder Directly
1. Visit Site Builder address/domain/URL
  • EXAMPLE: (custom domain)
  • EXAMPLE: (Site Builder subdomain)
2. Go to Home > Login, or navigate to Site Builder address and append /pages/login
  • Note: Home > Login navigation is configured automatically when site is created - if not visible, then navigation was changed/removed
3. Enter Email address and Password (same as to access LeagueOne) on Passport login screen, click SIGN IN