Below are two primary ways to identify unassigned players that registered after logging into LeagueOne.

Method 1: Registration Report
  1. Go to Reporting > Report Center
  2. Click the Standard Reports tab
  3. Run a Registration Report
In the player line, if there is no team name under TeamName column then this player is not assigned to a team.

Method 2: Completed Registrations
  1. Go to PROGRAMS > MANAGE REGISTRATION > Online Registration Setup
  2. Within list of resulting programs, click COMPLETED REG value to view details of players registered into that program 
  3. ASSIGNED?: Equals NO means the player is not assigned to a team
Method 3. Using Team Manager
  1. Go to Teams > Manage Teams
  2. Click Add team or click on the blue name of an existing Team.
  3. Click add players
  4. A pop up box will list all unassigned players you can assign to the team.