League administrators may transfer players to new teams - such as all stars, tournament teams, etc. - through the Team Maintenance page. Below are instructions for transferring players after logging into LeagueOne.
  • Note: Transfers for Pop Warner done at Region Level
1. Navigate to Teams > Manage Teams
2. Click Find 3. Click Team's Name under Team Name
4. Check box under Select All next to player's name
  • Note: Only one player may be transferred at a time
5. Click Transfer
6. Click Team's Name (in blue) to transfer player within pop-up window, click OK
7. On previous team, Status of player changes to Xferred with date of approved transfer displayed under Drop
8. On new team, Status of player changes to Xfer with date of approved transfer displayed
  • Note: Previous team status must be Active
  • Note: Leagues may transfer players depending on Governing Body rules
  • Note: Players can only be transferred to teams of the same season, division and age group