Use Send Email to create an email and send it from the LeagueOne servers. The email is sent individually to each recipient (as a blind carbon copy or BCC) to prevent your distribution list from being given out. Below are instructions to access and create a new email message to send after logging into LeagueOne.
  • Note: Some customers using the Contact List to first test recipient groups before sending an email (the steps are identical)
1. Go to Communications > Send Email
2. Within the To section, click Add
a. Select an available option next to Send To
i. Players
ii. Team Staff
iii. Board Staff
iv. Registration Reminders
v. Schedule
b. Apply filters based on your previous selection (there are numerous options for each selection above)
c. Click Add
  • Note: You may repeat the above step multiple times in a single email message to expand the list of recipients
3. The From address cannot be changed - all messages are sent from on behalf of the reply-to/sender (see step 4 below)
4. Confirm or adjust the Reply To address
a. The default email address listed pulls from your staff record
5. Add up to 3 emails in the CC address field
6. Enter the message Subject
7. Enter body of the Message using the full HTML WYSIWYG editor
8. Include up to 5 Attachments (as long as the combined size is less than 2MB (megabytes)
a. Click Choose File or Browse to locate a file on your machine
9. Click Send
a. A message appears stating that spam is illegal and misuse may result in a revoked account, click OK
10. A confirmation screen appears stating that the message was successful, along with the number of recipients
a. Click Send Another Email to create a new message, or
b. View the Email Archive