Use Team Find to search for existing teams available within a given session/context. Below are instructions to locate teams and perform additional actions after logging into LeagueOne.

1. Go to Teams > Manage Teams
2. Perform a search using the available parameters to limit the results returned, or simply click Find to return all teams
3. Within the results displayed, click on a Team Name to view the Team Maintenance screen
Note: The other fields listed are simply for information purposes as many organizations have similar teams separated by age group, division, etc.

- Add Team: Create a new team
- Print Passes: Opens the Print Passes window to print passes for players and coaches (for selected teams)
- Print Rosters: Opens the Print Roster window to print rosters for the selected teams
  • Note: This button is only visible if you are authorized to print passes
- Approve: Change the status of the selected teams and their players and staff from Pending to AddReq (when the state office produces player passes) or Active (when the club produces player passes).
  • Note: This is not applicable to independent organizations
- View: Open the Team Maintenance page for the selected teams in the order that they are selected
  • Note: After you're done working on the first team selected, click Next at the bottom of the page to view the subsequent team
- Valid?: Checks all of the validation rules that are executed when you press Approve without actually approving the team

- The Status always defaults to Pending for a new team
- Click Approve to change the Status to Active
  • Note: This only applies to clubs falling under governing bodies and does not apply to independent organizations
- The Print Roster button will not appear if you select All as the Type (it will appear for Standard or Event selections)