Below are instructions to create a new coupon after logging into LeagueOne.

Note: Coupons must be created within the same session as the programs they apply to
  1. Go to PROGRAMS > MANAGE COUPON CODES > Manage Coupons
  2. Click New
  3. Apply or enter:
a. Name: Internal reference for organizers
b. Discount amount: Dollar amount or percentage off
c. Applies to Fee:
i. Registration Fee
ii. Late Fee
iii. Uniform Fee
iv. Volunteer Fee
v. Misc 1 Fee
vi. Misc 2 Fee
vii. Misc 3 Fee
ix. Misc 4 Fee
x. Misc 5 Fee
d. Applies to Programs: Select programs to apply coupon to
e. Code: Entered by families during online registration (during checkout)
f. Availability Dates
i. Start Date: When coupon is first available for use (required)
ii. End Date: When coupon is no longer available for use (optional and can be left blank)
Note: Start Date uses 0:00 AM and End Date uses 11:59 PM
EXAMPLE: If start date is 5/20/15 and end date is 6/15/15, coupon is available beginning at 0:00 (midnight) on 5/20 and expires on (good through) 6/15 at 11:59 PM
g. Check Limit number of uses box to apply a limit (Optional)
Note: Each use of a coupon is counted, even if used on same order for multiple items
EXAMPLE: A coupon used on a single order that contains three registrations counts as three uses
h. Click Save

Click here to delete or edit existing coupons