If you encounter an error message while completing refunds, it’s possible you have reached the refund limit of the current pay period.  The total amount that can be refunded within a remittance period will be limited to the current unpaid remittance balance.

Current unpaid remittance for pay period of March 1-15 = $1,500 USD
Fees paid to Active: 100
Total amount available for refund is $1,400 USD

NOTE: To check for your current unpaid remittance amount, see Remittance Report: View Payments from ACTIVE Network to your organization 
If you reach this refund limit and you would like to refund your customers using our system, please email our support team at HyTekSupport@activenetwork.com. In order to lift the refund limit, we will need to know the exact amount of total refunds you will need to give. We will then ask our accounting team to generate an invoice for you to wire funds into your account to fund your refunds. 
NOTE: You will have the option to "over fund" your wire transfer for future anticipated needs, but any excess funds in your account will be remitted back to you on your normal remittance cycle. 
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