Below are instructions to cancel a registration and/or issue a refund after logging into Swim Manager.

Note: Only Administrator, Administrator Assistant, or Treasurer may issue refunds
Note: Only online registrations paid by Credit Card can be refunded to participant (cash and check refunds must be handled offline)
  1. Go to People tab
  2. Select Name of registrant to cancel order for
  3. Under Orders history, click Order ID
  • ​EXAMPLE: C-16D55R5V
  1. Click Refund/Cancel
  2. Apply following options:
    1. (Optional) Click pencil icon () under Add Note to include notes about cancellation/refund
    2. Check box under Cancel? to cancel registration
    3. Enter amount under Refund Amount
    4. (Optional) If no refund will be issued, leave Refund Amount field empty 
      • ​​Note: Once amount is added, Subtotal, To be refunded, and Total amounts will dynamically update. 
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  1. Click Save & continue
Cancellation and/or refund will appear within Order record screen for future reference.

Below are notes about the cancellation and refund process:
- Orders may be cancelled at any time
- Orders may be refunded at a partial amount or full amount
- Processing fee is not refunded
- If any add-ons were included in the order and are cancelled, the cancelled items will return to the inventory
- If registrations are cancelled on a program that has reached capacity, the available slot will return to the program (someone else may register if the program is still activated)

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