We will continually update this page with additional information and help articles as they become available. 

The ACTIVE team knows participation is key to your business, and in the wake of COVID-19, there are a lot of uncertainties around how to most effectively manage your business. We recognize that any decisions you make regarding your program will have serious implications to your business, fundraising mission and staff well-being. 

Below we have outlined some best practices around how to best manage your event in the coming weeks. 

How Should You Communicate with Your Participants? 
It’s important to communicate with your participants clearly, early, regularly, and with empathy.
With ACTIVEWorks Swimming you can create a personalized email to communicate with your participants about the status of your program. Let your participants know that you are monitoring the ongoing situation through local government and will update them on any changes. 

See the article below if you need help sending and email. 
In the unfortunate event that you must cancel your event, ACTIVE is here to help. 
  • Please contact your Account Manager or support for next steps if you have decided to cancel your program
  • If you are processing refunds, we are requiring organizations to have incoming revenue to cover the refunds or pre-fund their accounts via a wire payment. Please Contact Support for this process.
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