With the new payment system in Swim Manager you can pause, resume, cancel or change billing schedule for families using the steps below.

A. Cancelling Billing Schedule
  1. Click on the People tab
  2. Search for family to adjust payment plan
    • Note: You can search for the athlete or the parent
  3. Click on the Families name
  4. Click on the Order ID for the registration
    • Note: If unsure which Order ID to select you can click on the Group Name under the Registration section. This will give you all the Order IDs associated with the registration
  5. Click on Refund/Cancel found in the Next Payment section
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  1. Click Save & Continue
    • Note: You can provide an amount to 'Refund Amount' box column if want to process refund before clicking Save & Continue. See following article for steps to issue refunds Cancel Registration and Issue Refund
B. Pause or Resume Billing Schedule
C. Transfer Billing Schedule