1. Pace Clock option is available in gold package for Team Manager for Swimming
  2. Pace Clock Interface allows users to transfer workouts written in Workout Manager to any of the various timing machines that have a pace clock capability. 
  3. Currently, this module is only available for Colorado Timing Systems machines (CTS 4, CTS 5, and CTS 6 Pace Clocks) and Daktronics machines (OmniSport 2000, OmniSport 6000, and PC 2000).
  4. In Team Manager click on Workouts
  5. Then click on Pace Clock
  6. Select either CTS Pace Clock or Daktronics Pace Clock
  7. For CTS Pace Clock select workout for each lane,then click Transfer
  8. For Daktronics Pace Clock select Timing Console option, then workout for each lane, then click Transfer
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