1. Go to Set-up > Entry/Scoring Preferences
  2. Click on Para Meet tab
  3. Select one of 4 Paralympic Point Systems
  4. Available options under Multi-Class Meet Results
    1. Rank Results for Multi-Class Athletes using the Paralympic Point System selected above.  These points range from 1 to 1000+ for all multi-class classifications S1 to S17, SB1 to SB17, and SM1 to SM17
    2. For Prelim/Final events, do not advance Multi-Class Athletes to Finals, just rank the Timed Finals: This allows you to swim Disabled athletes in prelims of prelim/final events without needing to put them in separate events. If Multi-Class swimmers do not advance to finals, then they are ranked separately in prelim results like Timed Finals. If Multi-Class swimmers are allowed to advance, a separate final for multi-class athletes is created
    3. Ignore the setting to 'Score points only if athlete equals or exceeds event qualifying time': This is an important setting in meets where disabled swimmers compete in events with able bodied swimmers when swimming equal to or faster than meet qualifying time is required in order for able bodied swimmers to score points, but not required for disabled swimmers
    4. If Timed Final Multi-Age Super Seed is set, seed Multi-Class Athletes with their age group: If this option is checked and an event is a timed final and multi-age and has super seed checked, then disabled athletes will not be separately seeded

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