The Dual Meet Seeding option allows you to assign lanes to specific teams, so that their athletes are all seeded in the lanes assigned to their team.
  1. In Meet Manager, go to Set-up > Meet Set-up
  2. Set Meet Style (on right) to:
    1. 2 Team Dual or
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  1. 3+Team Dbl Dual
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  • Note: Dual meet seeding will not be used if Meet Style is set to Standard
  1. Go to Set-up > Seeding Preferences > Dual Meets
    1. Drag-and-drop each team into desired lanes
    2. Check Use Lane Assignments Above
    • Note: If Use Lane Assignments Above is not checked, those assignments will not be used
    1. Check any other desired options
  2. Seed events
  • Note: New lane assignments will now be used
  • Note: We recommend importing entries for each team, then assign lanes to use team imported with entries - manually adding teams and assigning lanes may not work as entries may import for different version of team