1. Go to Set-up, Meet Set-up
  2. When Meet Style is set to 3+ Team Dbl Dual, meet will be scored as a series of dual meets
  3. Go to Set-up, Entry/Scoring Preferences
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  1. There click on 2 or 3+ Double Dual tab, then Select Teams button
  2. Select pairings to be scored for this meet
  3. During meet when an event is Done and you click on Score button, a report will come up showing scores for each selected paring
  4. Event status will never change to Scored, as points are calculated entirely differently for this style of meet
  5. To see complete event by event results for each pairing, go to Reports, Results
  6. Under Columns select Dual Meet Format option
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  1. Report will display complete event by event results and scores for each pairing