1. In Team Manager for Swimming go to Reports, Meet Reports, Meet Entries
  2. Select specific meet and choose appropriate filter options
  3. If desired select any of these items
    1. Inactive
    2. Include Registration ID
    3. Include Official Statement (certifying entries)
    4. Include Birth Date (if sorting by Athlete)
    5. Stroke and/or Distance
  4. Select desired Sort by option
  5. On upper right side select any of following
    1. Show Times Unconverted
    2. Include Proof of Time
    3. Include Team Address (only available when specific team is selected)
    4. Indicate Converted Times
    5. Do Not Show Entry Times
  6. Select from Event Filters
    1. Individual
    2. Relay
    3. Individuals and Relay
    4. When selecting option including relays under Show Relay Swimmers select None, Show Four, or Show Eight
  7. Create Report
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