Below are instructions to enable early registration discounts, late registration fees, family discounts, and create coupons for a program after logging into Swim Manager and proceeding through prices and billing within program setup process.
  1. Check Early registration discounts box and enter a flat dollar amount discount to apply when athletes register by specified date
  • Note: Discount must be less than amount of first recurring payment establish in Prices and billing
  1. Check  Late registration fees box and enter a flat dollar amount fee to be added to registration fee when athletes register after specified date
  • Note: If Late registration fees box is checked, you can assign a GL code
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  1. Check Family discounts box to offer discounts to families registering more than one athlete
  • Note: Checking the box displays following fields:
  1. Effective date
  2. Apply as (dollars or percent)
  3. 2nd child discount
  4. 3rd child discount
  5. 4th child discount
  6. 5th+ child discount
  • Note: Largest discount will be applied to smallest item at checkout
  • Note: Discounts will only be applied to registration fees
  • Example: Three swimmers register -- most expensive registration of three will be given lowest discount, and least expensive registration will be given greatest discount
  1. Within Coupons section, click Create a coupon to add a new coupon which can be distributed to athletes to use at checkout
  • Note: Create a coupon workspace appears - complete following fields:
  1. Name
  2. Discount amount (dollars off or percent off):
    1. Discount first payment only
    2. Discount each recurring payment
  3. Applies to:
    1. All registration groups or sessions (or select certain sub-groups or sub-sessions only)
  4. Code
  • Note: Enter a unique coupon code made up of at least three numbers or letters
  1. Within Optional settings, establish the following:
    1. Customize availability dates
    2. Limit number of uses
  • Note: Each use of a coupon is counted, even if used on same order for multiple items
  • Example: A coupon used on a single order that contains three registrations counts are three uses
  1. Click Save
  2. Click Save & continue to proceed to form questions