Communication Center now allows League Coordinators to easily send messages to players who have subscribed to receive League communications. League Coordinators have access to four different message templates: Custom Message, Good Sportsmanship, Post Event Survey and Rain Delay. They can also choose to send messages to specific flights, teams, captains or players. Follow the steps below to send a message to your participants through Communication Center: 
  1. Login with USTA # to TennisLink Leagues Homepage
  2. Under Coordinator Options, click Leagues Setup
  3. Enter Password for League Tree
  4. Click Login
  5. Select desired league
  6. Under Communication Center, click Send email and text messages to your participants
  7. In Communication Center, select Message Template from drop down
User-added image
  1. Enter message Subject
  2. Input message in content box
  3. Select recipients from drop down
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  • Note: Make sure to click Select All or select specific recipients for your message
  1. Click Send