If you are a Non-US resident that needs to create a non-member account for TennisLink, please follow the steps below.

Note: Please know that a USTA membership may still be required to participate in tournament or league play. If you want to purchase a membership after creating your account, please go to USTA.com and click the JOIN button
  1. Navigate to TennisLink Homepage
  2. Click Don't have a USTA Account? Learn more and create one today
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  1. To create a new account, click CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT
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  1. Select I am new to TennisLink and want to create an account
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  • Note: If you are the parent of a child under 13, please create your own account first. Your child's account can be created after
  1. Click NEXT
  2. Fill out required Personal Information 
    • First Name, Last Name, Gender, Birthdate and Zip Code
  3. Click NEXT
  4. Under Location Information, update Country 
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  1. Enter required Location Information
  2. Enter required Personal Information 
  3. Create Password
  4. Confirm Password
  5. Click NEXT to login to new account
    • NoteAfter filling out the information you will be automatically logged into your USTA profile. Your USTA Account # will be on the top right of the page beside your name. Please write down this number for future reference